All Sectors. All Problems. All Frameworks.

The Cimpatico approach provides your ecosystem with a common language to describe your efforts, and a cohesive management methodology all using a common platform


common language

The words we use to describe our respective work efforts are all over the place. Words like strategy, objective, priority, goal, milestone, aim, etc. are all used in very different ways. 

To address this we have invented a clear and consistent language for communicating with each other across all industries.

common methodology

Thousands of frameworks have been developed to help professionals in different industries or topics think about, plan, implement and analyze their efforts. Some have produced good results and some have actually been shockingly harmful.

Most of the frameworks in use only work for one industry, or don't handle the requirements of complex adaptive systems very well. Our methodology is simple to understand and navigate, yet it can handle the requirements of highly complex social problems. 



common infrastructure

We have organizations from all sorts of sectors joining forces to address complex social problems, but what tools are being used to coordinate the work? Typically it's a hodgepodge of MS Excel templates, Google Apps, maybe a document management system or web portal to share best practices. These tools are totally insufficient for the actual real-world requirements and work efforts

The key is this: organizations from different sectors are dramatically increasing their collaboration, and these efforts are very involved. They require sophisticated software to manage the business processes and store and analyze the data