Strategic Storytelling

Cimpatico produces well-structured, concise, and insightful talk shows & marketing content at scale

We educate.

Educate professionals across several industries, functional roles, and problem domains, helping our peers gain key insights of how to solve common business challenges, improve productivity, make better decisions, save money, and make their customers happier.

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Well Structured.
Concise. Insightful.

Crafted Conversations

We work strategically with leadership teams to understand major trends and areas of focus, and then we collaborate closely with thought leaders to turn their insights into impactful stories.

Our team leads the production process from end-to-end, client marketing teams and subject matter experts need only show up for a few brief calls and talk shop
Conversational TV style interviews replace pedantic webinar format and delivers key concepts more concisely, in more ways, and across more channels
Shows tailor learning objectives to target audiences (novice vs. expert-level learners)
Each show delivers unique social media content assets to cover every business day of the month
We strategically co-develop content creation plans and align our efforts with partner ecosystems
We've produced conversations with 400+ industry leading organizations
“My Producer and I are able to quickly get to the heart of the learning objectives for a specific target audience within 2-3 hours of our clients time. My job is to learn, and in doing so I help educate my peers on some of the most important climate technology and engineering innovations in history. I love it.”
Doug Parsons
Host of the Highest Rated Independent Climate Change Podcast
Our Mission

To transform peer learning for every industry, profession, role, and global challenge.

Join our team

We are a diverse, global team of professionals passionate about helping people learn, network, and collaborate like never before. We are hiring for all positions, with a special emphasis on a few highlighted opportunities. If our work appeals to you, please reach out to us to see if there is a role available for you.

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Concise, Insightful Education.™

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