Opioid Epidemic Response System



Our approach helps coalitions focused on the opioid epidemic plan, align work efforts and directly engage with the public. 

The opioid epidemic is multi-faceted involving the efforts of law enforcement, healthcare, public health, education, workforce development, housing, transportation, and more. It is commonplace to read "we are totally overwhelmed", "we don't really have a plan to address something of this magnitude" in the press. Cimpatico can help you achieve the seemingly impossible: develop a comprehensive plan, coordinate efforts across even hundreds of organizations, and directly engage the public along the way.

For as little as $25 per month, organizations in your community can use Cimpatico to accomplish quite a bit:

  • Identify and respond to problems for any topic
  • Share or search for key relevant data measures and policies
  • Set objectives and coordinate goal setting across multiple types of coalitions
  • Track and manage cases
  • Send and receive secure, confidential client referrals while maintaining client privacy requirements
  • Manage hundreds of projects and tasks across multiple organizations and even coalitions
  • Integration with a free local/regional smartphone application to educate, inform and engage the public in your efforts, help ensure they can access local help and share their stories of resiliency and recovery

This epidemic is exposing serious gaps in our society's ability to deal with complex "wicked" social problems. You need a common language, management approach and infrastructure if you're serious about addressing such an overwhelming crisis. You need to engage the public in a way that resonates with their modern lives, and that draws them into the story of recovery for your community. Please contact us to learn how Cimpatico can help you in this work.

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