Product Features


Inspired by the Asset Based Community Development emphasis on discovering and celebrating ecosystem strengths, our Community Assets module helps Professionals, Organizations, Coalitions and Work Groups describe who they are and what they're working on. 


Which Problems are organizations in your ecosystem Committed to addressing? Our Commitments module, the heart of our system, sets all of this up. Aligned with leading frameworks like Healthy People 2020, STAR Communities, Hi-5, Microsoft Education Transformation Framework and many others, our Commitments module will transform relationships between organizations in your ecosystem. 

Collective work

The Collective Work module is where you will spend most of your time actively managing Projects, Campaigns, Events and administering Programs. When you're working on complex projects with multiple ecosystem partners, you'll find that the shared infrastructure will make it significantly easier to manage business processes, collect, share and analyze measures, and ultimately to identify, advocate for and enforce policy changes. 



One of the biggest challenges in collective impact work is identifying funding needs, getting funding, and equitably or optimally disbursing those funds across the ecosystem. The Resources & Capital module is designed to consolidate several point solutions around capital budgeting and allocation in order to make these processes more manageable and to create better cohesion across partners. 

PolicY Science

Our Policy Science module enables your ecosystem to identify, advocate, adopt and/or implement policies and directly associate those policies with your collective work efforts and data measures.