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We can create our future.

COMMUNITIES transforming

Collective Impact.

Cimpatico communities address our most complex social problems by aligning how we talk about and address them, communicate with each other and our constituents.

For organizations that have deeply vested interests in increasing their reach, our management consultant Partners work closely across your professional ecosystem to transform how you align.

For professionals looking to increase their impact on a primary area of interest, Cimpatico positions you to build a highly successful management consulting career as one of the more prominent figures in your space.


The Problem 

We are completely overwhelmed.

The problems of our world are becoming so complex and interwoven that we’re losing our ability to comprehend how to address them.

It’s arduous to coordinate efforts with colleagues across organizations and industries to develop aligned policies, disseminate primary research and implementation details for promising interventions or build lasting and meaningful personal relationships.

We are on the cusp of transforming how we communicate with each other to improve our world but we currently lack the language, methodology and communications infrastructure to come together.

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The Solution

Partners in our firm serve as a strategic communications bridge between professionals in your firm and their peers across related sectors. They work on a very affordable shared-cost basis across your network to help you save on project costs while dramatically increasing productivity.

Partners teach our clients a common language for aligning professional jargon as it relates to collective impact, and a methodology custom built for complex cross-sector collective impact efforts built on our world-class, Google-based technology platform.

Most importantly, using our Google-based social enterprise platform our Partners create transformative social communities for you and peers from across the world, nation and your city.