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We can create our future.


Collective Impact.

Cimpatico helps you address the most complex social problems impacting your community by aligning language, methodology & civic infrastructure across your ecosystem of partners. 


The Problem 

We are completely overwhelmed.

Do you feel that many of our society's problems are so complex you can't really comprehend how your community will solve them? Are you concerned that some of these problems are spiraling out of control with no end in sight?

The crisis of our age is that the problems of our modern world are so complex that they surpass our capability as individuals to break them down and develop mitigation plans. 

We can turn this around using modern technologies coupled with a new approach to how we think about, structure and manage our efforts.

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The Dilemma 

We don't really know how to do "Collective Impact" yet.

Consider the Opioid Epidemic: How many cross-sectoral teams need to align on language and implementation approach before we can heal our communities?

How do teams from law enforcement, emergency response, public health, housing, workforce development, healthcare, education, economic development, community activism, support groups, and those suffering from addiction communicate with one another? What's the real strategy here?

In most communities, there are dozens or hundreds of organizations that have a vested interest in transforming social outcomes. They recognize the need to collaborate with peer organizations, but coordinating these efforts is extremely challenging. 

"Traditional" collective impact frameworks have not proven to be sufficient. 


The Solution

Cimpatico helps individuals, organizations, coalitions and other assorted workgroups build communities that think through the unique challenges of modern complex adaptive social problems.

We help you manage your collective efforts and we provide you with decision support analytics about how social transformation efforts are progressing across your community. 

Cimpatico is guaranteed to be affordable for organizations of any size and any budget. Please contact us to learn more.