About Cimpatico

Our mission is to empower millions of change agents to create a just, vibrant and sustainable world before it's too late. We've been working on complex social problems in communities across the nation, and we've experienced first hand how challenging it is to coordinate efforts across coalitions and ecosystems. 

We offer your teams and ecosystems a combination of methodology, technology infrastructure, expertise and a growing network of collaborators. For an extremely low monthly membership fee, organizations large and small can access all of it. This is an important evolution in how we approach the work of social change.

Working with your ecosystem and across thousands of other ecosystems, we will provide:

  • A common language for identifying, classifying and analyzing complex social problems across sectors
  • A framework for communicating our independent and interdependent work efforts with one another
  • A culture of accountability to ourselves, to each other, to our constituents and our planet
  • An analytical approach to making policy decisions that is inspired reason and influenced by moral empathy
  • Integrated smart phone applications that you can use to directly engage the public using modern approaches

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