As our world evolves we're finding that our social problems are getting more difficult to define, analyze and manage. Nations, states, municipalities and the organizations within them can't solve complex social problems without coordinating their efforts. 

We provide you and your ecosystem partners with a common language, common methodology and common civic infrastructure to address social change. We unify the way your partners identify, measure, discuss and address complex adaptive social problems. On top of this, we provide you with modern social apps to directly engage the public to achieve your objectives.

Common Language

We’ve created a clear, consistent language to standardize & simplify the way we discuss complex social topics. This makes it trivial for partners in your ecosystem, regardless of industry, expertise, or social interests to communicate with each other.  

Common Methodology

Our proprietary approach makes it easy for partners in your ecosystem to identify social problems and align the efforts of interested collaborators. In doing so we've unified social transformation frameworks across dozens of topics including healthcare, education, built environment, natural systems, public safety, etc.

Common CIVIC Infrastructure

We provide your organization, and all of those in your ecosystem, with a comprehensive business process management software system to manage your work and tools to engage residents. 

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