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We Are Cimpatico


Be the leading producer of business interviews worldwide

We aspire to be the worlds leading producer of business interviews, educating ourselves and our audiences about the most important innovations, practices, and trends in the professional world.


The work we do seems quite simple, and yet there is an art and science to producing extremely high quality, insightful conversations that are totally aligned with the learning needs of professionals spanning different educational levels, industries, roles, and geographies. 

The reason that sales and marketing executives engage with us is because we're a strategic partner that adds tremendous value at the front end of analyzing and planning education programs, and then our extremely time and cost efficient production process transforms what teams are capable of accomplishing. 

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Our Services

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Technology Partners

Production Excellence

Our business is producing insightful conversations that concisely cover key topics our peers need to learn. 

This takes significant investments in our  production methodology including significant investments in automation, artificial intelligence, production design, and quality assurance. 


We're a team of technology industry veterans on a mission to help professionals learn about how to solve problems, navigate change, and advance their careers. 

Our Podcast Producers.

Kenneth sets the strategic direction for how we will cover a business, detailing the specific approach for every show.

Kenneth Marshall

Executive Producer

Lisa directs each show, developing pre-production assets, the show itself, and post-production creation of clips, ads, and related content.

Lisa Luong


Fahim manages the production process for each show, ensuring everyone participating can perform their role effortlessly.

Fahim Rahat



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